Studio Newborn


I love being able to offer my clients a luxury experience as I create beautiful, custom, posed newborn images for them.  For every newborn session, I work closely with my client to plan out a session that perfectly suits their vision.  I begin by sending a newborn questionnaire so that I can get to know my clients and the family members who will be taking part in the newborn session along with baby.  I use the questionnaire as a starting point as I continue to work with clients to make sure I am planning a session that includes a color palette, types of newborn images, and sibling, parents, and family images that they will treasure for a lifetime.  These sessions usually take place within the first 5-15 days of life. Full sessions generally last 2.5-4 hours, while petite sessions usually last 1.5-2.5 hours.  We will take our time with as many breaks as baby needs for feedings, diaper changes, etc.  I make sure to get close-ups and sweet details of your perfect little bundle, plus photos with each parents, both parents, siblings (if applicable), and the full family with baby.  Click HERE to contact me or book your newborn session!