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Baby Grayson | Charlottesville Newborn Photographer

With newborn photography, I sometimes go through periods of time where I am photographing mainly girls or mainly boys. Of course sometimes my sessions go back and forth, but I get tickled every now and then I a lot of sessions in a row of just one gender and am wondering who will break my streak. Sweet Grayson was the baby boy in January that finally broke the "only girls" streak I was on with my newborn sessions. And he was so worth the wait!

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I want my newborn sessions to be as relaxing and easy as possible for my clients, so I pack up my entire newborn "studio" and bring it to my clients' homes. I bring a poser, posing pillows, backdrops, blankets, wraps, bonnets and headbands, and more. By doing this, clients don't have to worry about packing their whole family up for their session or whether their baby falls asleep during the drive. If they are running late getting themselves ready, no big deal! I start working with baby while they finish doing whatever they need to do. And with older siblings, we don't have to worry them getting bored between poses or not having the attention to cooperate with multiple photos in a row. They are free to go play while I work with baby, come in for a photo, go play between poses, and come back again. My goal is to make getting beautiful images as easy as possible for families.

newborn session sleeping cap

However, one thing that made this particular session a little different from my others is that Grayson's big brother, Hunter, had no interest in playing somewhere else between poses. Instead, he wanted to be my assistant! He had his very own camera that he pulled out during the session and was taking pictures right along with me. It cracked me up! And when he wasn't being my assistant behind the camera, he was being the sweetest big brother in front of the camera!

With all of my newborn sessions, I include sibling, parent, and full family images. As a mom myself, I strongly believe these are too important to not include in a newborn session!

Grayson definitely preferred being wrapped for his poses and made sure to keep things interesting for me when I unwrapped him. But I persevered and am so glad I took the time to make sure we got all the images we were wanting to get!

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