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  • Ashley McKinney

Bump-to-Baby Bundles are Back!

2020 was a long year for everyone. I began the year with maternity leave, and I never could have imagined that THE SAME WEEKEND I was planning to come off of my three month maternity leave, the world would shut down. Thankfully, I was allowed to continue photographing my wonderful clients and documenting their precious memories about two months later...except for Fresh 48 sessions.

One of my most popular packages (and a favorite of mine) has always been my bump-to-baby packages, which include a maternity session, a fresh 48, and a posed newborn session. These are so special!

Charlottesville maternity fresh 48 newborn photographer

I love getting to know my clients at their maternity session as they anxiously await the arrival of their precious baby. It is so fun to capture that time and all the emotions and love between the parents (and older siblings!) as well as create beautiful images of the stunning pregnant mama!

central virginia maternity fresh 48 hospital newborn photographer

It brings joy to my heart to come to the hospital when their precious bundle is just hours old and truly document the emotions and moments. "Fleeting" just does not feel like a strong enough word for those first moments with your baby. In a moment you have never felt so tired or so filled with love, you want to remember every detail, and I get to help clients do that!

And of course my first photography love, newborn sessions are just the best! I get to give the sweet parents a break while they trust me to pose and photograph their precious bundle. I get to create not just images, but rather artwork, that will be displayed on walls and in albums for years to come! And it is so special to do this all with the same family who I have gotten to know over the past months!

When I was allowed to open AMP again in May 2020, there was still one thing I could not do: Fresh 48s. For over a year, photographers were not allowed to come to hospitals to document those most fleeting moments that honestly are so hard for parents to remember in the whirlwind and exhaustion of bringing a baby into the world.

bump to baby maternity fresh 48 newborn central virginia

When my sweet client, who I had done a bump-to-baby session with in 2019, contacted me earlier this year about booking the same package for their baby number two, I told her that I was unfortunately not able to offer that because I couldn't photograph Fresh 48 sessions. Her response: I want to book it anyway. She wanted to book the full package knowing that she could apply the Fresh 48 cost to either a lifestyle in-home session or a future family session if it didn't work out, but she wanted to make sure she got on my calendar in case the rules changed. Yes, this package is that good - these memories are that important - that my client booked it not even knowing if we could make it work!

Well, baby girl is set to make her arrival this week, and I AM GOING TO PHOTOGRAPH THE FRESH 48! The rules officially changed last month, and I cannot wait!

Here is the cute bump I am set to meet on Friday:

central virginia charlottesville maternity photography

I will follow-up later with a more detailed post about this mama's gorgeous and fun maternity session, as well as of course the fresh 48 and newborn sessions! If you are interested in really documenting the full pregnancy and newborn experience as well as saving money on the individual sessions, reach out to me for more info about booking your bump-to-baby bundle package!

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